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Lawn Care Frankfort KY

Dec 12

Backyard decks are a popular place to entertain and relax. Keep this in mind when you plant flowers. lawn care frankfort ky can make your outdoor space more enjoyable. This is especially true when you consider how many friends spend time out there on sunny days and during dinner parties, where they all sit at the same table. To make it easier to install new edging, such as stone stairs/slabs, we recommend removing all existing turf. Next, choose the type of landscaping plants that will best suit both your style preferences. Continue reading to discover the best landscape plants.

Selection of plants

The rest of the details will come together once you have a plan for what plants to be planted around your deck. You will need to start by choosing a few large shrubs and trees that fit the space in relation to your house. Next, choose smaller ornamental grasses and perennials to grow beside these first choices. This is important unless you are looking for shade or relief from the heat. You should ensure that any plant you choose can withstand temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18C).

Define the Boundaries

After you've chosen the plants to grace your deck, it's time to arrange them in a rough layout. This will help you determine how much space you'll need and where your landscape borders should be. You can use garden hosing to mark these areas until you have something that is pleasing to the eye with paint.

Layout Landscape Fabric

To minimize weeding, you can cover your deck with landscape fabric after you have finished landscaping. Mulch can be used as an organic fertilizer and you don't need to till it. All of this should be placed so that there are no gaps between plants. Use pins to secure the layers against each other.

Plan the final layout for your plants

Your new outdoor living space is just one step away. Enjoy the beautiful view! Yes, that's correct. I meant "new." This is because we're planting in pots at the moment. Don't worry if it's temporary. When these tiny plants become something more spectacular, all bets could well go out of the window. After all, who doesn't like customization? Keep an eye out for how many plants are interconnected so that people with less space can still find comfort under trees.

Dig holes and plant your favorites

After you have finished laying out your garden, dig a hole to accommodate each plant. Add soil to each hole and cover it with dirt. This will prevent water from concentrating on one stem or area due to runoff. These plants make a beautiful landscape!