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Jan 6

Four Seasons of Property Care from Stamford Landscaping

What are the best ways to look after your lawn, plants and trees in every season? There are some useful things to know, but if you're looking to just outsource the stress to the best landscaping pros in town, then call Stamford Landscaping today on 203-349-9584.


Summer Landscaping Care

Summer is also the best time for landscaping! It's time to explore all kinds of possibilities with your lawn and garden because everything begins to flourish at this time. You can choose to use an artificial grass that needs no watering and it gives your garden a uniform green color. You can also landscape your yard with different kinds of trees like:

  •     Evergreen Trees – they include Cypress, Fir, and Pine trees and they give a great tone of uniform green. They last during winter; therefore they are a great choice for your landscape.
  •     Deciduous trees – they bring life on to your yard in summer because their leaves turn different colors during autumn and winter, but they shed their leaves in spring.

Other great ideas for Summer are:

  •     Cleaning your pool – if you have one, the pool should be clean enough for everyone to enjoy. Once you're done with that, give it a new paint job so it looks fresh and inviting. You can also install water jets to make the swimming experience at your pool more exciting!
  •     Creating a fire pit – now that summer is coming around, it's a great time to have some campfires at your backyard. Have some marshmallows and hot dogs with your family and friends as you enjoy the lovely weather.

Finally, don't forget to landscape your garden by planting lots of flowers. Now is the best season for planting!


Fall Landscaping Care

What does landscaping mean in fall? This is the time to look smart and get ready for winter. You can bring home all kinds of trees, shrubs, flowers and organic matter that will give your garden some color during autumn. But you need to plan your fall landscaping properly. For this, you can contact Stamford Landscaping today on 203-349-9584 and ask for a comprehensive autumn landscaping plan.

And don't forget about Fall Clean Ups! It's one of our most popular seasonal services and  it helps your garden look good for the winter. We'll come with our latest tools and equipment to clear out all that dried leaves, brush, logs and sticks so you can prepare the garden for the cold season ahead.


Winter Landscaping Care

Winter is the time where you can focus on some indoor projects such as:

  •     Building a fireplace or buying a stunning fire pit for your yard.
  •     Putting some indoor plants on the window sills of your home to bring life indoors during the winter.

But what is most important for this season is landscaping your garden with mulch and organic matter that will keep the soil around your plants and trees safe and healthy throughout the winter months.

You can also decide to plant some indigenous plants for spring like hyacinths, tulips and daffodils after you get rid of all the leaves on your lawn. And if you like skiing, ice fishing or snow shoeing, why not build an ice skating rink in your backyard!

During winter, you don't have to worry about your lawn because grass remains under the snow. But if there are any dead leaves in your landscape, then it's time to cut them off. You can also use a heavy duty leaf blower that will help clean up all the leaves quickly and easily.

And don't forget to protect your trees! Winter can be harsh on tree branches and bark – we will take care of that for you by wrapping them up to make sure they last through this season.

Lastly, you need to know that winter may not be the best time for landscaping, but it's the perfect season to maintain your lawn equipment by testing them and cleaning them.


Spring Landscaping Care

Finally, it's spring which means Mother Nature is waking up! It's one of the most beautiful seasons of the year because you can see all the trees, flowers and shrubs blooming.

So what does landscaping mean in spring? This is the time to bring your plan into action. You can take out all those beautiful plants that you've put aside during winter and place them back into your landscape where they will blossom again!

And don't forget about Spring Clean Ups – we can clean up your landscape and prepare it for the new season. We'll cut off any dead leaves and branches that will make your yard look pretty again.

Not to mention, you need to plan all those activities that you missed during winter because there were so many snow storms – like ice fishing! And we know just the right places where you can go.

Last but not least, don't forget about the lawn care plan that we offer! We can include all these services into your spring landscaping plan and make sure your yard looks perfect this season.

Now that you know what does landscaping mean in fall, winter and spring, it's time to visit our website here: and request a free quote today! Don't miss out on any seasonal offers we have including our popular Home Pressure Washing and Lawn Care Packages for Fall Clean Ups . Don't hesitate to call us on 203-349-9584 and ask about anything related to seasonal landscaping  in Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Wilton or Westport.