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How to care for your flowerbeds all year: Tips for Oklahoma City homeowners

Feb 1

If you're like most Oklahoma City homeowners, you take great pride in your flowerbeds. They add beauty and interest to your home and yard, and they're a joy to look at when they're in bloom. But keeping your flowerbeds looking good all year can be a lot of work.

Luckily, Heartland Landscape Group are here to help. They are the premier landscapers in Oklahoma City and beyond. Here are some helpful fall, winter, spring and summer care tips for your flowerbeds in Oklahoma City.

Plant perennials in the fall

Fall is the perfect time to plant new flowers in your landscaping in Oklahoma City. It's also a great time to give your yard a good cleanup - this will remove any debris that might have accumulated over the summer and it will also prepare your landscaping for a new growing season.

Mulching for weed control

Heartland Landscape Group recommends removing old mulch from flowerbeds during this time, too. Fresh mulch can help prevent weeds from growing, but it's important to get rid of the older stuff so you don't smother your flowers. Simply remove it and replace it with a fresh layer of mulch.

Prepare for cold weather

As the weather turns colder, Heartland landscapers recommend stopping all watering in Oklahoma City - both for landscape beds and gardens. This will help prevent frost damage when winter hits. We also recommend feeding before the ground freezes so they plants a good layer of bark mulch is another good landscaping tip for Oklahoma City.

Prune your landscaping

Late winter or early spring is the perfect time to prune your landscaping in Oklahoma City, whether it's shrubs or trees. Most landscapers recommend doing this after the last frost has occurred but before growth begins. Heartland landscapers also suggest removing dead wood and crossing branches.

Fertilize as the weather warms

Springtime in Oklahoma City is the perfect time to fertilize landscaping in Oklahoma City. It will encourage new growth and give your landscaping a boost, but remember that over-fertilization can be harmful for your plants - especially if you use chemical fertilizers. If you choose to go this route, ask your landscapers for recommendations on a specific product that's safe to use.

When the weather warms up in Oklahoma City, you'll begin to see action in your landscaping beds and throughout your yard. Heartland landscapers recommend mulching flowerbeds at this time because it will prevent weeds from growing and also help retain water - two things that will keep your flowers happy and healthy.

Other landscaping tips

Watering landscaping beds in Oklahoma City is very important, especially during summer months when temperatures are high and humidity is low. Water gardens daily if no rainfall occurs so plants don't dry out. If it has been a while since you've fertilized, do so now to encourage the best possible blooms.

Pruning landscaping in Oklahoma City is also important to keep bushes and trees healthy. Late winter or early spring is the best time for landscapers to prune trees because they are dormant during this time of year. Prune any branches that cross others, as well as dead wood and diseased portions of the tree.