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5 Hydroseeding Tips and When to Start the Process

Feb 5


Hydro-seeding can be seen as an easy method to make a beautiful lawn with little effort. Hydroseeding suggestions include the recommendation to water seed in spring, summer, and the fall. This is because of the requirement for constant sun and frequent watering multiple times every day to develop and sustain roots that will last many years.


Every season has its own advantages for hydroseeding Denver and it depends on your personal preferences. The ideal temperature for hydroseeding to take place is 75-85 degrees for the first few weeks of growth. Hydro-seeding your grass in the autumn or spring can encourage it to grow quicker and requires less water than during summer heat. Because of the heat, when you first begin hydroseeding in the summer the grass will develop much more quickly than other seasons.




You're probably wondering how much it would be to hydroseed your entire lawn. If you're interested in hydroseeding in a smaller space, the average about $0.18 per square foot. ECCO LLC Denver hydroseeding contractors typically offer discounts on larger areas, and can lower your total expense. Hydroseeding lawns can be more expensive than planting grass seed, but it is more likely to have a higher probability of germinating. It means that you don't need to re-seed lawns or address any issues. Another aspect to be aware of is the price for watering your lawn. Hydroseeding takes a significant amount of water as it grows with the potential of up to two months of intense irrigation.


How do you prepare and care for hydroseeding

Make sure you have the right soil

You must ensure that your soil is ready to fully absorb the hydroseeding mixture. To accomplish this, grade the ground and make sure it is level, this allows the mixture to spread evenly and provide an adequate foundation for the grass to grow. It is essential to weed your soil , and ensure that it is clean of debris that might stop the grass from developing correctly.


Water-Water Water

Seedlings must be watered three to four every day initially. Once the grass begins to grow, you can decrease the frequency. The seeds need to be watered on a regular basis in order to root and grow correctly. Sprinkler systems can be set up to give the soil water as it grows , and then decrease its irrigation when it's fully grown and is being maintained.




Mowing your grass will aid in keeping your grass healthy and ensure there's new growth. Be sure that your new growth is at least 3 inches tall. This will prevent any possible damage.




For the development of grass, fertilizing is essential. It is recommended to fertilize your lawn every 90-120 days using a high-nitrogen fertilizer.


It's not your fault.

Avoid making contact with the area as you can because contact can cause thinning or bald spots in places where pressure is applied. Seedlings are vulnerable during the first two to three weeks. Avoid physical contact with them until then. Sprinklers are a great way to water the zone without having to touch it.


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