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Innovative Ideas For Landscaping Your Outside Area

Apr 14

For anything from large-scale landscaping to little fixes.

These garden design ideas can help you create a long-lasting design that you'll be proud of. Our collection of beautiful garden ideas will help you transform your backyard, no matter how big or small, and it will increase the value of your home at the same time. We've included everything from large-scale landscape design ideas to more specific garden design inspiration, such as garden furniture, paving, lighting and plants.

The Chelsea Gardener's Andrew Kyte advises that you should look at the entire garden before making any changes: Inquire about the garden's location and orientation as much as you can. This has implications for both planting and the way you use your space.

For a small or long and narrow garden, you should keep an eye out for where and at what times of day different portions of the landscape receive light and sun. When planning your garden, think about how you want to use it. Is it going to be a place for sunbathing and eating alfresco, or a place to relax and have a cup of tea?

Get your yard in shape first

Looking out your window, you'll likely perceive your grass as the most prominent shape in your landscape. If it's in good form, the rest of the garden will follow suit. Don't limit yourself to the rectangle; try an oval, circle, square, or even an oblong form instead.

To get the work done, you'll need the appropriate equipment. Experts at PriceRunner, a price comparison website, have found a 126% increase in searches for neat robotic lawn mowers and ride-on mowers, with the Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Mower being the top selling lawn mower this year.

'If your grass is looking lackluster, consider the three fundamentals of sunshine, showers, and soil aeration,' horticulture expert Stuart Thomas from online garden shop Primrose suggests for continuing lawn care and upkeep. Cut down branches to avoid overwhelming the surrounding area with too much shade. Once a week, early in the morning, if the UK's frequent rain isn't enough to keep your plants healthy. Take a fork and poke a lot of holes in your lawn for aeration. If you follow these steps to the letter, your grass will be lush and green in no time. And don't cut it too close!'

Make a planting strategy for your yard or garden

Beautiful, floral plants fill up the spaces created by structural plants. As a result, employ evergreen bushes at the end of each border and as punctuation. Box balls and giant evergreens, such as mahonia, can be used in larger areas.

Fill up the spaces between the frames with colorful blooming plants. It's best to limit your selection to no more than five or six distinct varieties, and then arrange them in recurring patterns to get a cohesive and harmonious look. A border with a depth of a meter or more is ideal since it allows for the placement of smaller plants up front and taller ones in the back.

Choose evergreen aromatic plants such as lavender or Mexican orange flower to designate seating or dining areas with narrow, low-planted beds or lines of planted-up troughs. Containers, on the other hand, provide you the most freedom of movement. As the managing director of Garden Club London, Tony Woods, says, 'Creeping rosemary is a superb plant for edging in pots since it trails rather than grows erect, is evergreen and covered with blue blooms in spring.'

It's possible to acquire some height in your garden without the need for metre-deep beds by placing climbers towards the back of your border. Clematis is an excellent choice for a climbing plant since it is both lovely and vibrant.

When it comes to seating areas, Tony Woods says star jasmine is great since it's "extremely well-behaved," produces a lot of white, waxy, perfumed blossoms throughout the summer, and responds well to being clipped back."

Choose blooming plants that can bloom all year long or put in early spring and early summer bulbs to get your garden started off on the right foot.

Are you concerned about the influence your garden has on the environment? The Samphire Garden by Sue Townsend shows how to construct a garden that benefits the world while yet exploding with texture and aesthetic intrigue if you're searching for methods to make it more sustainable.

The Suffolk coastal garden utilizes a variety of drought-resistant plants, including native beach plants, grasses, and Mediterranean shrubs, surrounded by a stone mulch of various sizes. In addition to the above-mentioned plants (such as Verbena bonariensis and Eryngiums), there are many more that may be found in the wild, such as Euphorbias and Lavenders. Use permeable surfaces so that water can flow into the earth naturally.

As a starting point, mature trees might be an excellent choice. Shade sails, hammocks, pendant lights, and other hanging decorations may all be attached to them.

If you live near a busy road, trees may assist reduce noise and air pollution as well as conceal an unappealing view. In addition to supplying pollen and nesting sites for birds, trees also help the environment by oxidizing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

However, multi-stem trees are becoming increasingly popular as an architectural feature that may be used to create layered underplanting or, if planted in their whole, a stunning structural statement. Using multi-stem trees and soft planting, Caitlin McLauglin has created a deconstructed woods feel in her front courtyard garden in Suffolk.

As a habitat and food source for wildlife, as well as a source of carbon sequestration, trees are excellent.' In addition to providing structure and architecture, 'Sarah Squire, Chair of Squire's Garden Centre,' explains Sarah Squire. Some of the most popular trees for landscaping include hornbeam (my personal favorite), hornchops, and whitebeam (my personal favorite), all of which may be grown in pots or placed across a garden of any size or design.

Paving that's really stunning

A strong design direction may be established by the color and style of your paving and the way it is set. As an example, grey or white stone spread out in a random manner gives a French country style; black or silver stone placed out in an orderly arrangement creates a sleek and modern image; and golden stone laid out in a mixed pattern creates an English country feel.

Looking for some motivation? Each of the 10 interconnected circles in Butter Wakefield's Ribbon Wheel garden has a unique shape and size, and they're all joined by a "ribbon" of York cobblestones. Setts and cobbles are used to create a magnificent pattern in the circles, which are made from a blend of limestone and York stone.