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What Do You Put Under Sod Before Laying It?

Apr 16

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Things to put under sod before laying it on your lawn.

Everyone loves to have a garden where there are many plants, beautiful flowers that bloom, and a perfect landscape. While some people just want to have a flawless carpet like sod.

Every plant has its unique process of making it healthy and green. As for a new set of sod, it is important to have a rich soil preparation to let the roots absorb nutrients and invade healthier into your lawn.

The sod installers use sod cutters to get rid of those unwanted weeds and grass. Because if they are still there, they will quickly invade the whole space and take up the majority of your plant's needed nutrients which is water, sunlight, and soil.  And that would eventually make the sod die.

They will also make sure that there is no presence of rocks or any waste matters that can harm their growth. If there is, they will remove it from there. Then they will cultivate the soil for about 15 cm in depth. And to make sure that it is good, they will test the soil’s pH. Then after that, they will put fertilizer while plowing it, and add some topsoil as needed to level it to your lawn. And then they will roll it to make sure that the soil is even.

After all those preparations, it is time to lay the sod. But before that, we should sprinkle some water using a hose or sprinkler to make the soil damped. Lay the rolled sod in a brick-wall pattern to make sure that it won't easily come off. Never leave any gaps that can give space to some unwanted grass, and never overlap the edges. It is also important not to walk on the newly installed sod because it can cause them to shift and leave gaps in the edges. We should water them twice a day until there are roots that combine and reaches the soil and that's about 2 to 6 weeks. And we should never forget to put fertilizer after weeks of installing it to ensure that it will grow healthier.