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The Importance Of Having A Letterbox

Apr 19

Since the advent of the internet, the way we send and receive mail has changed so drastically that for most people letterboxes have almost become a thing of the past. However, even if most mail is received electronically, there are still a lot of reasons why people prefer to have a letterbox. Some people keep them for nostalgic reasons while others think it is a cool idea to have a letterbox plates to complement their exterior house design. Here are some other reasons why you may want to have a letterbox:

•    A Great Way to Display an Address Plaque

In the past, the house number was almost always displayed on a home’s letterbox which made it easy for post to be delivered. In the same way, a letterbox can be used as a cool way to display an address plaque while at the same time serving the purpose of a receptacle for physical mail.

•    A Safe Way to Store Your Mail

When you have a letterbox, mail posted to your address can be stored safely instead of being dumped on your doorstep where it could be stolen or damaged by rain. The post office does not guarantee that mail delivered to your home won’t be damaged and the onus is on you to provide a safe place to protect and store it until you can retrieve it. Because you wouldn’t want to risk an important letter getting wet and ruined in an unexpected shower of rain or having to pick it up in the yard when a strong wind has suddenly come up and blown it away, it is a good idea to have an old fashioned letterbox such as Aussie Clotheslines & Letterboxes to keep your mail safe and dry.

•    A Letterbox Helps to Protect Your Privacy

Mail that comes through the post will have your name and address visible for anyone to see. With a lockable letterbox, you can protect sensitive information from landing in the wrong hands and keep your personal information private.

•    A Great Way for Neighbors to Leave you Notes 

A letterbox allows your neighbors to leave you a note when they have something to inform you about that is not an emergency but don’t necessarily want to bother you by ringing your doorbell if they don’t have your phone number. A quick note is easy to drop into your letterbox when they are passing by and you can read at your convenience when you collect your mail. The contents of the note can also be kept away from prying eyes by placing it in your letterbox where only you will have access to it.

•    A Letterbox is More Professional

Although professionalism generally applies to business owners, if you are working from home you should provide your customers with all forms of communication so that you can be easily reached. This usually includes an email address, a phone number, and a fax number. However, if you also have a letterbox your clients will be able to post printed or written mail to you that often can not be sent by email. In terms of feedback, a letterbox also provides a certain level of anonymity and privacy. Unlike an email where contact details are required, clients can provide feedback on matters personal to them without revealing their contact information. 

As you can see, even though most communication takes place via email nowadays, a letterbox still has an important role to play.