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Five Great Tips for Hydroseeding

Apr 20

In the fall, hydroseeding Denver is very in demand. Customers purchase hydroseeding products in the spring, summer, or fall. Everything you need, including seed mixes and adjuvants. Hydroseeding can be used to reduce corrosion. This allows for rapid grass growth. Hydroseeding is easy and can germinate seeds in less than a week. Regular seeding can take several weeks. Hydroseeding lawns is a great way to help clients and customers.

Prepare the soil before you begin hydroseeding

Your soil must be in good condition before you can hydroseed. Your soil must be well aerated. Foot traffic, construction vehicles and other summer activities can cause soil to become compacted. It is less likely that hardened soil will germinate seeds. Before the ECCO LLC hydroseeding process begins, make sure to aerate your soil and till it. To determine if the soil needs to be amended, you can also test it.

Always available

Hydroseeding requires that you water your seedlings at least three to four times per day. This will ensure roots are well-established. This can be made easier by a sprinkler system that has an automatic timer. You should ensure that the sprinkler can reach all areas which have been seeded.

Avoid walking or driving in areas that have been seeded.

Seeds can become extremely fragile in the first 2-3 weeks. It is best to not walk on them. If the seeds are too compacted, it can lead to bald patches or spotting. Sprinklers can be great as they will stop you from walking on grass seed. Sprinklers can water the seed and germinate it automatically without having to touch them.

Before you start the process, weed your lawn

You should weed your lawn at the very least one week before you plant seeds. This will ensure that any roots from weeds have been removed and that new grass is not damaged by chemicals. All roots must be removed from any weeds you pull. They will grow back and choke new grass.

Afterward, fertilize

Hydroseeding mixes will likely contain fertilizer, but you should still apply high-nitrogen fertilizer about one month later. You can fertilize your grass as often as you like, provided it is not too hot. Your grass will be healthier if you hydroseed in spring. To ensure your grass is healthy, you should apply an all-purpose fertilizer every 6-8 weeks.

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