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The Most Beautiful Gardens In New York City

May 2

At the most beautiful gardens in NYC, take in the full grandeur of blooming flowers.

New York is typically portrayed as a concrete jungle, yet there are pockets of greenery that not only flourish, but also provide a welcome break from the city's busy pace—if you know where to look. Check out NYC parks like Central Park or visit one of the city's many conservatories the next time you want to stop and smell the roses (or tulips) (like the one at the New York Botanical Garden). We've also included several lesser-known, secret gardens in New York Metropolis, which provide rare moments of seclusion in a city of eight million people. At present time, most of the beautiful botanical gardens require pre-reserved tickets, so check their websites before going.

New York Botanical Garden is a botanical garden in New York City

Explore the 250-acres along the Bronx River's magnificent spring and summer gardens and artifacts. The Native Plant Garden's promenade and meadow with dahlias, lilies, and windflowers may be reached along a twisting route. Their Perennial Garden is also available to the public and is brimming with both flowers and greenery. At the moment, the institution is hosting the blockbuster exhibition KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature.

Queens Botanical Garden is a botanical garden in Queens, New York

A five-acre "Gardens on Parade" display from the 1939-1940 World's Fair grew into this 39-acre quiet area in the heart of Queens. The two blue atlas cedars that now flank the garden's Main Street entrance are descendants of the first presentation. Visitors may now enjoy a Fragrance Walk, Cleansing Biotope, and Wetland and Woodland Garden, among other horticultural attractions.

The Queens Botanical Garden is open Tuesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; free hours are provided Wednesday from 3 to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is located in Brooklyn, New York

The climate-controlled Steinhardt Conservatory (which holds plant life from three distinct temperate zones), as well as gardens devoted to scents and plants featured in Shakespeare's plays, are all located inside this 52-acre landscape. In the zen Japanese Garden, see the rock garden, or inhale the fragrant flowers in the scent garden for a moment of serenity.

Conservatory Garden in Central Park

A stroll around the 74-year-old Conservatory Garden, a triad of French, Italian, and English-style plots, is difficult to beat on a lovely day. Visit the Frances Hodgson Burnett monument, which is flanked by magnolia and Japanese lilac trees and is dedicated to the author of the famous novel The Secret Garden.

Botanical Garden of the Narrows

This little park manages to cram a lot of vegetation onto its 4.5 acres. There are areas dedicated solely to weeping willows, roses, and linden trees, among other flowers and plants. The Lily Pond's water lilies bloom in May, and the 450-foot-long Fragrant Pathway is packed with lilacs, lilies, and jasmine, giving additional sensory delights for both your nose and sight.

Wave Hill is a place where you may relax

The 28-acre garden and cultural complex, which was formerly a private estate, now comprises an attractive 19th-century home, plentiful wildflowers, and shaded pergolas, all of which welcome your Sunday laziness. The river and the Palisades are visible from the gardens, which reach all the way to the George Washington Bridge. April is a beautiful month in our part of the world. Magnolias bloom in white, pink, and yellow until late May, and the sloping woods is carpeted with dazzling blue glory-of-the-snow sheets.