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How Do You Make A Simple Beautiful Garden?

Aug 1

Incorporate Flowers

Gardens that are not planted are called flowerbeds. Add new flowers to your garden every week so you do not have to repeat favorites.

There is a beautiful way to organize flowers, which is by their colors. Go through your house and find items of similar color. Maybe go into your yard and start organizing by type (i.e. plants with leaves).

Next choose some specific colors and combine them into styles. Start with one color then add in other colors. You can mix different colors together or alternate between two colors.

The more variety you incorporate into your garden, the better it will look.


Incorporate Grass

Grass is probably one of the most common things you’ll find in a garden. It may be new to your area, or it may have been established there for a long time.

Either way, adding some form of grass to your landscape is an easy way to make these areas more simple and beautiful.

Grass also happens to be dog friendly! Dogs love the smell and taste of grass, and will run and play in it.


Incorporate Plants

How do you make a simple beautiful garden?

Gardens that are simple and beautiful have ample space, can grow vegetables, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Plants are part of the beauty of a garden so if you want a greenery-free yard, consider planting gardens full of flowers.

However, it is also possible to make your garden more plant-rich without making it look like a kindergarten project. Head out to the nursery or local field trip site and pick up some annuals to add to your garden.

These small plants generally come packed in powder and/or water bottles for purchase. They usually cost less than $1 per pack, making them easy budget buys.

Many people think they will spend an entire season investing time into creating flower-filled masterpieces, only to find once spring rolls around, all they care about is getting their dogs off of those same roses.

Others opt to put their money towards better things such as plastic grass seeders which can be purchased at any home improvement store, and high quality soil to put it in.

It takes a while to get enough natural earth to fill a bed with naturally, so try to be patient and avoid putting too much energy into one place. That way, you can share the wealth by bringing it inside when you go take a shower.


Incorporate Soil

How do you make a simple beautiful garden?

Gardens that are simple but beautiful have good soils. The roots of grasses should be well fed and not stunted (cut back).

Grasses with deep, strong roots make nice gardens if you also have trees or shrubs in your garden. However, if you do not have enough root depth to support a fence or hedge, you can use other solutions such as using trellises or potted plants.

These components work together to create a balanced garden. Let’s look at how to include these components in different ways.


Incorporate Insects

“Incorporation is a great way to add interest to your garden. With this method, you put together an existing shape or design to create a new pattern,” says gardener Kate Saunders.

She uses spiders as she knows they are a common element in gardens and homes. “By incorporating one thing that is already familiar to us, we feel more inclined to interact with it,” she explains.

Gardening can be expensive, so if you want to invest some money, try combining this idea with others you have read about here such as using organic material instead of chemical-based products. By having nature around you all day, you will also notice a difference in your mood.

All good things in life cost something, why not pay for them by charging someone else for doing what they enjoy? :-). People love giving gifts of time, in other words.

So how do you incorporate bugs into your garden? Try planting small plant markers next to larger plants to entice the beetles to land closer to home, encouraging better pollination.

Put out a bowl of water with a few drops of liquid food supplement; bees prefer dry lands over wet ones, so this approach could work well for them too. Lastly, use flowers as focal points because humans like to look at them, and they do it from a distance.


Incorporate Fish

Add some life to your garden! If you don’t have a pond, try incorporating water into your flower beds.

Many flowers love water and can be planted directly in your flower bed. Fish also make excellent additions to your garden as they are natural insect predators.

They eat other insects that would harm your plants, so now is the time to use them! Try planting sunflowers for an easy way to connect with your inner child or relax under trees filled with beautiful colors.


Incorporate Water

How do you make a simple beautiful garden?

Gardens that are not watered die roots, or they become less vibrant as time goes by.

Some gardeners actually make gardens where there is no plant life at all; they call these “living deserts.” And while cacti can be an interesting addition to such gardens, they are not going to bloom if they aren’t getting any moisture.

Other flowers rely heavily on irrigation. A lot of roses for example need between 15 and 20 gallons of water per flower every week during the growing season.

And remember that you don’t have to give your plants absolutely entire water tanks each year like you do with your vegetables.

A few drops of rain here and there will help most plants grow. But look around your house and see how much you drip per day! That’s about five minutes worth of watering once you factor in how often you have to water each vegetable bed or row of crops.

You can also buy small timers that set themselves off after being wet for a few hours. These little gadgets tell you when it’s time to water yourself enough so that you don’t waste half your day checking on them. They even buzz when it’s time to re-water.


Incorporate Stone

Gardens that feature large stones are quite popular these days. Not only do they provide structure to an area, but they also make for some very cool areas of a garden.

If you’re not sure how to go about it, here are a few tips for incorporating more stones into your garden.

Shared paths can connect gardens together, or use stones as gateways to guide walk-ers from one section of the property to another.

You could have a pathway leading from the house to the lake, for example. Or, you could fill a wooden box with flat rocks and add water to it so there is wicking going on.

The possibilities are many! 


Incorporate Trees

Gardens that are simple yet beautiful have as their main feature plants, flowers, or bushes with low, hanging baskets.

However, in order to make an area look clean, you must start with a white background.

If you want something more colorful then go for it! If you want soft color shades such as tangerine, reddish orange, and yellow, use branches of tree bark or foliages to create masks and spots.

The best way to do this is by using petals from roses. By hiding some of the flowers behind others, we find ourselves looking at the flowers through a window or curtain.

In this manner, every time we open the door, we are surprised by another picture shot up at us!

This will only work if you plan on having garden curtains, because the pattern needs to match the theme of your garden.

For example, keep the illusion going until new growth appears around springtime when trees flower. At that point, add additional foliage so that everything pops out more clearly.