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How do I make my lawn the most beautiful?

Oct 5

Beautiful lawns are a must-have feature in garden design all over the globe. These five tips will help you find the perfect lawn. Also, check out more Lawn Care Tips.


It's now that the outdoor season is here and you can enjoy your beautiful lawn. If taken care of properly, your lawn will remain green and lush for many years.

Five Easy Ways To Decorate Your Lawn

1. Rock features

Even if you are using different materials to border your garden beds, adding rocks or stones can add a natural accent. Rocks can also be used to beautify your front yard. For example, you could make a spillway for your rain gutters. This will prevent the area from becoming too muddy. You can also break up a bed and add pea gravel borders along your walkways. Depending on the amount of surface you cover, this project will cost between $20 and $50. 

2. Add lighting

The best thing about landscaping lights is that they are solar-powered and inexpensive. You can choose the colors you want, place them on the ground near your walkway, or border a flowerbed and allow them to power up at night.


Upgrades can be made to add unique features such as lanterns or lighting that recesses into walkways or faux rocks that blend seamlessly into the landscape.

3. Remodel a bed border

It is as simple as changing the border of your flowerbeds. This will make the plants and other features look better. Pre-made blocks, natural stones, and pavers are all options depending on the style of your home.

4. Groundcover can be planted to conceal unsightly areas

There are many places where grass won't grow. Pachysandra is a ground cover that can add color and greenery to areas that have slopes or shade. Groundcover can look professional and neat with seasonal maintenance. For more lawn maintenance check out, Lawn Care Tool Kit.

5. Plant Perennial Shrubs


Planting perennial shrubs like Hydrangeas or Azaleas will bring back years of blooms that add color to your house. They are inexpensive (around $40) as well as easy to maintain. Talk to an expert at your nursery to learn how to plant them in sufficient space and when to prune them. Also, learn how to trim perennials to keep them from growing too large.