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6 tips for a luscious phoenix lawn

Oct 18

Are you looking for the lawn care service phoenix az? Do you want to know the tips for a luscious phoenix lawn? It can be challenging to keep your lawn healthy and green in Phoenix. Properties must be given to staying strong and healthy in the desert climate. These tips will help you maintain a lush Phoenix lawn.

1. Check your Soil

Most Phoenix lawns will have a warm season grass type. These grasses all thrive in hot climates. Your soil should have the proper nutrients for your particular grass type. 

A soil test can be done at your local garden center to determine if the soil is acidic or neutral quickly. You can add nutrients to your ground to increase the acidity of your grass variety if you discover that it is not getting enough nutrients.

2. How Much Water

While most lawns need to be watered several times per week, this is not feasible in the drought-prone Phoenix region. Some homeowners prefer to water their lawns more frequently during cooler seasons while switching to shorter watering times during high drought. 

This can damage your lawn and cause it to become stressed. To allow your grass to adapt to the dry conditions in the Phoenix area, you might consider watering only for a few minutes each day.

3. Water Early and Late

In the Phoenix area, it is best to water your lawn before the sun has had a chance to evaporate any moisture. To give your grass as much moisture as possible, water in the morning before the sun rises. It is best to water in the morning, especially after work when the sun still shines. Phoenix homeowners might be able to water after sunset because the grass isn't as dry in this area as in other parts.

4. Control Weeds

A lawn mowing height of around 2 1/2 to 3 inches will shade your lawn's root system and keep weed seeds away. You can prevent weed growth by applying a weedicide to your grass before they have the opportunity to grow and take root. To get rid of weeds you have missed, remove them with the core intact. To encourage grass growth, reseed weedy areas.

5. Provide Energy Sources

Like any other living thing, your lawn can quickly exhaust its resources and require extra energy to keep it lush all year. Consider using slow-release fertilizer to keep your property healthy for a longer time. You can also get power from compost in your compost bin or organic fertilizer options at your local garden center.

6. Overseed

Warm-season grasses such as Zoysiagrass are known for becoming brown during winter. If homeowners want a lush green lawn year-round, they should consider replacing the Zoysiagrass lawn with cool-season grass like Kentucky Bluegrass or Ryegrass. This will allow cool season grass to grow in winter while warm season grass goes dormant.

Phoenix homeowners may need extra maintenance to keep their lawn green and healthy all year. You need to ensure that the soil is suitable for your grass type and that it is free from weeds that may hinder its growth. 

Knowing when and how often your lawn should be watered in the Southwest desert is essential. For a lush, green lawn in Phoenix, it is a good idea to contact any cheap yard maintenance near me. Contact us now!