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How can I make my lawn lusher?

Oct 18

Do you want to make your lawn lusher? In this article, lawn care service phoenix az have shared their top-notch tips to keep your lawn lusher. Let’s take a look on it: 

1. Keep the grass trimmed short and frequent

The first rule to ensure a perfect lawn is not over-stressing it. It's better to choose regular moderate mowing rather than one significant cut. To avoid pushing the grass stems in one direction, you should change your mowing patterns regularly. Also, never cut the grass more than five centimeters per week. 

To make it more resilient to hot and dry weather, you should leave the grass in summer for longer. An electric mower is a good choice if your garden is small. This is an excellent tool for smaller and medium-sized lawns. A petrol engine lawnmower is the best choice for larger areas. This is an example of a push-type mower with a steel deck. It offers high durability, strength, and reliability.

2. Fertilize your lawn correctly

It is crucial to fertilize your lawn regularly to reduce the stress of mowing. You can fertilize your property every 30 to 40 days starting in spring. There are many types of grass fertilizer available. A mineral-based mix of potassium and phosphorus is the best choice. After you are done, water your lawn to dissolve fertilizer and maximize its effectiveness.

3. Every day, water

While fertilization and mowing are essential steps in the cultivation process, irrigation makes a difference. A lawn must have water to grow lush and green. Water should not be given at the same time or in the same amount, but enough to keep the older grass blades from withering.

The decision is based on the weather and the maturity of the grass. To help seeds germinate and develop strong roots, newly sown grass must be watered daily. Depending on your needs, you can water your garden by hand or use a small self-priming water pump.

4. It is protected against weeds

Are you having trouble getting rid of weeds on your lawn? There's a solution.

A hand scarifier is the best option if the weeds have fully grown. It will remove the weeds and stop them from growing back.

A home is an excellent tool for weeds that have deep roots, like daisies or dandelions. It goes directly to the roots and prevents any regrowth.

Lawn care service phoenix az recommend using specific herbicides or a complete soil overhaul if none of these options works. You can even contact cheap yard maintenance near me to help you in choosing the best one. 

5. Scarify it

Roots need oxygen to grow strong and healthy. First, scarify your grass using a scarifier like ours. This will allow you to remove dead leaves, grass cuttings and other debris from your lawn and allow it to breathe again. Once you have done this, use a pitchfork to make holes in the ground and then fill them with coarse sand. This will allow water to flow down to the roots, bringing oxygen.