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Why does my lawn have moss?

Oct 18

Moss is a plant that raises many questions from customers. Customers want to know the reasons for Moss and how to get rid of it. That’s why, in this article, lawn care service phoenix az will explain what Moss looks like, how it grows, and how to get rid of it.

What's Moss?

Moss is a low-growing, non-flowering perennial found below the earth's surface. Moss's unique characteristic is that it doesn't have a root system like grass or other broadleaf weeds. Important to note that Moss doesn't kill the grass. Instead, it fills in the gaps where grass varieties have not succeeded.

Why is there Moss on my property?

Many environmental factors can cause Moss to appear on your property, but pH is the most common. Although Moss is a fan of acidic soils, adding lime to the ground will not remove it. Even though pH levels can be perfect, Moss will still grow if there are other environmental factors.

If you have Moss, it is best to test your soil pH. You can add lime if needed. For most cool-season grasses, a pH between 6.3 and 6.5 is ideal. The presence of Moss on your lawn does not necessarily mean that your pH is too low. However, you should test the soil's pH for this.

Shade is another environmental factor that can help Moss thrive. While I do not mean to imply that Moss cannot grow in full sun, it can. However, shade is what allows Moss to thrive. What does this mean? Have you ever noticed that grass doesn't succeed in the heavy shade? If hay is not getting enough sunlight, it will die and thin out. This is the perfect place for something else like Moss to grow and move in.

Soil moisture also plays an essential role in determining the amount of Moss on your property. You can find Moss in cracks between paver stones on your sidewalk or walkway. These areas can trap moisture and remain wet for long periods. The same can happen to other areas of your lawn. Moss thrives in moist areas. 

However, trapped moisture can be a problem for grass. Excessive soil moisture can cause the grass to become thinned and die, creating an environment for moss growth.

The soil compaction can also affect how much Moss is found on your property. Clay-based soils are predominant in our area. Clay-based soil is easy to compact by foot traffic, mowers and pets. Because soil becomes compacted, oxygen, water, and other elements cannot move through it. This causes dirt to sit on top of each other. 

Gravely compacted soil can make it difficult for grass roots to grow, leading to long-term problems for the grass plant's health. You should now be able to see a common theme in the environmental factors. 

The same environmental factors that can negatively impact your turfs, such as compaction, heavy shade and excessive moisture, are what Moss prefers. 

Get rid of Moss

Change the environment if you want to reduce moss growth on your property. You may have trees that have grown and shaded your lawn. To ensure that more sunlight reaches the plants below, we recommend that the trees be trimmed or thinned each year.

Core aeration plays a crucial role in reducing soil compaction. This mechanical process removes soil plugs three to four inches below the surface. This allows grass roots to grow and creates soil space that allows water and oxygen to flow through. Core aeration might be required to complete each year to remove densely compacted areas.

We recommend that you water less in the shaded areas of your lawn. To avoid moss buildup, allow the soil to dry between waterings. You can use a rake to remove Moss quickly. You can also purchase products to kill Moss. 

These products can be found in most big home improvement stores, especially in the garden section. You can also contact cheap yard maintenance near me for these products. These products can be used to kill Moss, but they won't change the environment. It is essential to know that crabgrass control and the other broadleaf weeds won't affect Moss.


Changing the environment is the best way to remove Moss from your lawn. These areas should be made more welcoming to grass. If you want to make your lawn lush and moss free, then contact professional lawn care services in phoenix