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The Top 10 Tips to Make A Natural Oasis in Your Landscape

Dec 31

Landscapers West Hartford CT for DIY-savvy homeowners. Ready to step up your game in the outdoors and make the transformation from being a'meh' space to one that is MAGNIFICENT? You're in the right place! This blog post can help you regardless of whether you're a beginner or an expert Landscaper who wants to know more. From designing perfect pathways to adding lighting for your outdoor space there's something captivating about combining gorgeous nature with stunning design elements. So why not take on the challenge of turning your backyard into a stunning garden? Let's take a look at 10 ways to bring design and nature into your backyard. Let's get started!


10 Tips to Combine Design and Nature in Your Landscape


1. Create Curves.

The most attractive landscapes incorporate a combination of curvatures and straight lines, which help add interest by breaking the monotony of straight lines. Consider incorporating the curves of your landscape including curved paths, curved plant beds, or curving garden walls.


2. Plant Trees and Shrubs Strategically.

A well-planned planting of trees and other plants can make a big difference in how comfortable your outdoor space is. The professional landscaping firm West Hartford CT can help you plant trees that shade the sun , and plants that offer privacy to neighbors or passersby.


3. If possible, choose native plants

Native plants are more likely to endure in the climate they reside in as opposed to non-native species. They also require less maintenance since they already have been adapted to your climate. When selecting the plants you want to plant in your landscape, look for those labeled as "native" or "indigenous" for a start!


4. Use Different Colors and Textures.

Diversity is essential when it comes to creating an inviting outdoor space; look at introducing various textures and colors by using plants, grasses, flowers, rocks, and other elements of nature. Be sure to choose a variety of shades (green and pink, yellow and more.) in addition to different designs (rounded leaves versus spikey) for the greatest visual appeal!


5. Add Hardscape elements as needed.

Hardscaping--the process of using materials like stone or concrete--is an excellent option to provide texture, structure, and practicality to your outdoor area. To add privacy and aesthetics think about the addition of a patio to host parties or an arbor to a walkway.


6. Utilize Water Features.

There is nothing quite like hearing the sound of water flowing through a fountain or stream. Get in touch with your professional landscapers West hartford CT to get more information on how you can incorporate these elements into your landscaping design. Furthermore, water features could draw birds and other wildlife. This is an added benefit!


7. Incorporate Lighting Elements.

Incorporating lighting elements like solar lighting can not only improve the appearance of your landscape after dark but also enhance safety by providing light to pathways around your landscape at night. Many solar lighting fixtures are equipped with motion sensors, so they will turn off when someone walks by.


8. Include seating areas in.

Be it a bench in the middle of trees or an Adirondack chair that overlooks a pond by adding seating areas around will provide spaces where people can sit down or relax and enjoy their surroundings!


9. Pottery isn't going to be lost in the dust.

Pottery can be used as decorative accessories or as practical pieces like planters, birdbaths and fountains. To bring unity to your landscape design, choose pottery pieces that are compatible in size, shape and color, and so on!


10. Think about the season.

If you'd like your outdoor space vibrant all year it is vital that you have flowers in bloom. Make sure to include evergreens! Evergreens keep your landscapes looking gorgeous even during winter where most flowers have gone away!


Designing a welcoming outdoor space does not have to be difficult with these tips for blending nature and design in mind , you'll be well on your path to creating an oasis perfect for relaxing & recharging anytime of the year! Balance is the key, so ensure that you don't become too obsessed with one aspect and strive instead towards finding harmony between your man-made structures and Mother Nature herself! Don't be afraid of asking your reliable West Hartford CT landscapers for advice. By calling Envision Landscape & Design LLC right now, we'll provide you with a summary of the most frequently used landscaping tips and tricks, as well as an approach to achieve the desired results. We'll also be happy to address any questions you might have concerning your specific project or garden design. Soon, you'll be enjoying every moment that you are in your natural sanctuary with thoughtful planning and imagination. Enjoy!

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