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Hydroseed Care & Maintenance

Mar 4

The process of hydroseeding your lawn could be only the beginning. It requires some attention to make sure that your hydroseeding company's area will flourish.

Hydroseed is best watered every day for 10-20 minutes per day. This will give you a total of three waterings each day.


The green color fades within two to seven days.

The best time to water is between the hours of 4:00 AM, 11:00 AM, and 4:00 pm. When the sun goes down do not drink water.


  • Flexible schedules for watering are feasible because of temperature and seasonal changes. It is recommended to water more frequently and for longer durations in the summer heat. you'll need to water less often and with fewer cycles in the autumn.

  • Hydroseeding in Massachusetts requires that the soil be damp to allow the seeds to germinate. The soil doesn't need to be constantly flooded with rainwater.

  • The seed should be kept damp but not soggy.

  • You can cut down on the amount of water you drink in about 4-6 weeks.


What will Hydroseed appear like after two weeks?


Download a copy of our Hydroseeding Massachusetts company care guidelines:


Maintenance and care for hydroseed before, during, and after

  • Certain areas of the lawn begin to grow within 10-14 days have passed since the planting. The grass will be cut within six to eight weeks. The lawn will fully grow within 6 to 9 months.


  • Beware of driving through areas that have been seeded for the next six weeks.


  • Certain areas will do better than others during an initial couple of weeks after hydroseeding treatment for companies due to the different amounts of shade, sun, and water. This is typical. It is recommended to rake the lawn's edges, and then manually reseed them in the first four weeks of growth. Mixing fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and rye will yield the most effective results.


  • After two weeks of hydroseeding your lawn, apply an 18-24-12 starter fertilizer to it. The fertilizer is available from any store. After three weeks of the first application, you must apply a second fertilizer. It is not recommended to apply any herbicides to your lawn during the initial 10 to 12 weeks.


  • There are weeds that can be seen when your grass begins to grow. But they can be easily controlled with an herbicide.


  • The first cutting of your lawn is scheduled for within five weeks of it being hydroseeded. To prevent injury to the young seedlings, your lawn must be cut using the push mower. It is possible to delay the initial mow for a couple of days so that the soil has time to dry out. Do not leave the clippings in huge amounts on the lawn. This can result in damage to the newly planted seeds.


  • Don't allow your grass to get too tall. It will be difficult to bring your lawn back in good shape. If you're on vacation or absent for longer than a week, do not cut your lawn. Don't cut your lawn to more than one-third of its height in one go. Retaining overgrown plants is recommended each day at an elevation of 3 inches.


  • Hydroseeding Massachusetts is prone to be removed by storms or other weather conditions. We will apply the same treatment again at 50 percent less than the initial cost.


These are the easy steps you can take to ensure that the seed grows and develops into an attractive lawn.


What is the best frequency to water my hydroseed?

Watering requirements


It is essential to regularly water your lawn particularly at night and early in the morning. The mulch will appear thinner and less dry when it's time to water. This helps to identify areas that are in need of attention. The plants that germinate should not be left to dry out for longer than 21 days.


Care Instructions


To prevent excessive evaporation, it is recommended to drink between dusk and dawn.

The water should not collect everywhere. It is recommended to water your lawn by hand until the lawn has grown.

The water should be absorbed by the soil for 150 millimeters in order to encourage deep roots.

Sprinkler systems are able to be designed to water several times per day for a brief period in the event that they aren't currently watering themselves.

Lawn fertilization


The Hydroseeding Massachusetts application will incorporate fertilizer within the mulch. This gives seedlings an early start by providing them with the nutrients they need. A portion of the fertilizer is disposed to waste when it evaporates into the soil and young plants. Slow-release fertilizer is recommended to be applied monthly on your lawn till it becomes established. Once your lawn has established itself, you can apply fertilizer and weed control 4 times a year.


Control of Weeds

The new lawn will soon be filled with weeds. After being dispersed by animals, such as wind or birds the seeds are put in the soil to remain dormant for a while.

Once your lawn is established and has been cut several times, you are able to use an herbicide along with a fertilization program.


The new lawn is cut when the grass blades are 40mm high and the soil has dried. It is essential to keep the correct height when you are cutting your lawn. This will stop the "scalping" of the grass blades. It is not recommended to remove more than one-third of the grass blade. In the initial five or six times that you cut your lawn, you should use an ordinary mower before changing to the mulching mower. If your grass is still young and you are able to mow your lawn twice every week.

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